Growing in Faith Together

As 21st century Anglicans in the Diocese of Ottawa, we have one foot firmly planted in ancient tradition and the other stepping boldly into God's future.

In 2006, our Synod approved the following mission: to enable people to know Jesus Christ, to live and share the good news, to grow in faith, and to serve God's world. To bring reality to this mission, we must acknowledge the rapid changes in society and the impact on our many ministries.

As parishes in the diocesan household, we embrace the challenge of turning our vision into practical reality - a call to expand our ministries in four key mission areas:

  • Strengthening Congregations
  • Focusing Ministry Outward
  • Educating Leaders
  • Connecting With the Wider Church

Confident that these resources will equip our Church to face the challenges ahead of us, let us take a progressive look towards the future with renewed commitment, generosity and responsibility to the ministry before us.


Campaign Prayer

Blessed are you, Lord our God, creator of heaven and earth,
You create the fruit of the land to sustain our families and neighbours,

You nurture the church, loving communities of faith, deepening our relationship with you and with one another,

You offer us the gift of baptism and the sacrament of Christ's body and blood so that we may be fed and filled with your Holy Spirit,

You bless us with generous hearts so that we may support the outcast, the hungry, the sick and all those who long for intimacy with Jesus,

You fill us with determination to be mindful of the ministry and mission to which we are called,

And you call us to generous support of our parishes, diocese and the wider church,

Blessed are you O God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,



Campaign Hymn

The music is: Rise Up Oh Men Of God.

Rise up and join the crowd
The time to give is now.
Rise up, rise up
Give thanks to God,
In Jesus' name we pray.

Rise up and join the crowd
And give in faith together,
Onward as Christians we will go
As we fulfil our goal.

Rise up and join the crowd
Stand up, stand up, stand up
And join as one,
The time is now
To open up your heart.

Rise up and join the crowd
Walk humbly with your God
As step by step,
And prayer by prayer
We all shall grow in faith.

Rise up and join the crowd
Together we can win,
Your gift today
Will support tomorrow
In each and every way.


GIFT Hymn 468

We have a GIFT before us
Not wrapped in paper or string
And only when we open it
Will we find what lies within

The GIFT of coming together
And working in one place
With love and understanding
We will reach our grace

Community and outreach while building brick and faith
We are all God's children, no matter what our race
So Giving in Faith Together
From penny to hour
We'll grow and use it forever
And we will see it flow

Written by Hilary Rathwell - St Paul's Renfrew



Sung to the tune of "Songs of Praise",
number 370 in the Blue Book:

Let us sing with heart and voice,
God has caused us to rejoice
With companions on the way,
Giving thanks from day to day.

All that's ours we have been giv'n,
Gifts that lead us all to heav'n,
While on earth this life we share
Helping those for whom we care.

Other folk our Shepherd leads,
With his life all people feeds,
Peace with justice are his aims,
For shalom we make our claims.

Give to God with open heart,
All resolved to do our part.
Let God's light shape our desire
And God's will our souls inspire.

Optional doxology

To God glory, to God praise
Unto God our hearts we raise.
To God's Son and Spirit sing
Let the church high praises ring.

Written by Bishop Eric Bays - member of
All Saints' Anglican Church, Westboro


Campaign Leadership Team

The Right Reverend John Chapman
Bishop of Ottawa

Ms. Monica Patten
Campaign Chair

Mr. Don Newman
Honorary Chair

Clergy Advisory Panel
The Rev. Canon John Bridges
The Rev. Mavis Brownlee
The Ven. Chris Dunn
The Rev. Brian Kauk
The Rev. Manassé Maniragaba

Ms. Judy Darling
Member at Large

Mr. Michael Herbert

The Ven. Peter John Hobbs
Case for Support

Mr. Peter Martin
Parish Phases Chair

Mr. Grant McDonald
Major Gifts Chair

Mr. Derwyn Sangster
Stewardship Council Representative

Ms. Jane Scanlon
Stewardship and Development

Mr. Jamie Tomlinson
Communications Chair

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