"Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual edification."
Romans 14:19

"I have been deeply moved by the resilience and spirituality of our chaplains. They are in the homes of military families, at the altar in every conceivable place, and really on the front lines of ministry." The Right Reverend Peter Coffin, Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces

"A great First Nations elder said recently, 'in former times our enemies were famine, war and disease. Now we struggle against alcoholism, suicide and poverty.' Suicide has become one of the great spiritual battles of our time.... For those who are a part of their communities, especially those who are called to serve in the name of Jesus, this must be our priority." The Right Reverend Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop

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Connecting with the Wider Church



As Anglicans, we are engaged with fellow Anglicans across this country and around the world in meeting the challenges of our time. New funding is required for the national and international programs of the wider church.

Ministry in the North

Ministry of the North Congregations in remote northern areas and aboriginal communities, in particular, face daunting challenges. Many clergy in the North work for little, if any, salary or stipend. Effective pastoral care is a major challenge in places where a suicide epidemic affects young people, families, and entire communities. Additional funding will be set aside for clergy stipends and regional training workshops for clergy and lay leaders in areas with high suicide rates.

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund

We have a long history of supporting The Primate's World Relief And Development Fund (PWRDF). In fact, our diocese is one of the largest funders of this important ministry. In addition to generously contributing to disaster relief in Canada and throughout the world, the PWRDF development programs need core funding and sustained support. This new money will allow our diocesan family to respond to emerging and ongoing needs in consultation with PWRDF leadership.

Endowment of the Bishop Ordinary

MilitaryMilitary chaplains are facing remarkable new challenges. Their first priority is providing care for our troops. The Bishop Ordinary offers support and episcopal oversight to 48 regular forces clergy and to 35 reserve forces chaplains - comparable in size to many Canadian dioceses.

Our $150,000 will be a contribution to the $1 million endowment to support the Bishop Ordinary and to fund this unique ministry on a permanent, part-time basis.

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