Frequently Asked Questions

• Why is the diocese launching the Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) campaign now?
The strategic planning process, which began in 2005 and culminated in a five-year strategic plan that concludes in 2012, identified critical areas of support for parishes and ministries across the diocese. Financial support granted to ministries in the first three years of the plan was largely funded from the Second Century Fund. This "seed" money funded priority ministries, but will be depleted in 2012. Long-term funding for these strategic priorities must be raised today.

• Why is GIFT a good opportunity for our Church?
Through increased involvement and support, GIFT draws us together as one Church. As it builds on the positive results of the stewardship initiatives currently in practice, parishioners will develop a better understanding of our Church's ministries in parishes and in local communities as well as nationally and internationally. Ultimately, this experience will give far more to a parish than merely the dollars raised.

• What is the financial goal of GIFT?
The Growing in Faith Together campaign seeks to raise a minimum of $12 million over the next five years for parish, diocesan and wider church programs and ministries.
• How will the money raised through GIFT be allocated?
Monies collected from the campaign will be allocated to the following areas:
Support for Local Parishes$6,000,000
Strengthening Congregations $1,200,000
Focusing Ministry Outward $1,400,000
Educating Leaders $1,100,000
Connecting with the Wider Church $1,100,000
Campaign Expenses $1,200,000

Please refer to the GIFT brochure or Case for Support for more details.

• How will my parish benefit from GIFT?
Each parish will benefit on many levels. Fifty cents of every dollar raised in your parish, up to your specific parish goal, will stay in your community to renew and revitalize parish life. Your parish will also receive every dollar raised above your goal, and each parish will determine its own unique priorities.

The other fifty cents on each dollar will be used to strengthen congregations, focus ministry outward, educate leaders and connect with the wider church. A portion will be used to cover the expenses associated with GIFT. As you read through the GIFT brochure, you will learn, for example, how your parish may enable youth ministry, attend leadership workshops, discern new initiatives for local outreach, and gain a greater sense of membership in the Anglican Communion.
• Who will be asked to contribute to the campaign?
Every member of every congregation in the diocese will be asked to prayerfully consider a sacrificial, meaningful and proportional gift. Although organizations, foundations and businesses will also be solicited, we expect parishioner donations to account for 95% of all monies raised.

• How will the campaign affect my parish's offerings?
Experience has shown that parish offertory remains constant or may even increase as a result of campaigns like Growing in Faith Together. Parishioners are asked to respond to this campaign with pledges and donations over and above their regular offertory. A campaign such as this encourages people to consider their overall support for their church and invites a response that seeks to support the mission of their church. As well, your parish's annual stewardship ministry can continue to benefit from the financial development methods employed during this campaign long after it is completed.
• How much should I/we give to GIFT?
Consider your gift as a meaningful personal sacrifice above your regular parish offering based on your financial ability give. A helpful chart entitled "My GIFT - Guidelines" is included for your reference. You will receive tax receipts for both your weekly offering and your GIFT contribution.

• Why is GIFT asking me for a five-year pledge?
Raising $12,000,000 over a five-year period helps us to achieve our common goals while lessening the financial pressure on our parishioners and community supporters.
• How will the GIFT Campaign funds be dispersed?
Leadership expects to raise the money over a five-year period. Funds received at the Synod Office will be immediately placed in the Growing in Faith Together campaign account at the RBC Dominion Securities where it will accrue interest until the funds are dispersed. Funds will be dispersed in accordance with the Case for Support. Parishes are first to receive their share of the funds followed by the program money as a percent of the overall Case. For example, the Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative amount of $300,000 will be allocated as 6.25 cents of every dollar received.

• How do I apply for Parish Outreach Initiatives Funds?
A GIFT Allocation Committee chaired by Andy Moody, a parishioner from St Michael and All Angels in Ottawa, has been formed and is currently setting the policies and procedures to access GIFT funds. This committee will begin its work of disbursing funds commencing in 2012. A comprehensive communications strategy will be executed to ensure that parishes across the diocese have access to application forms to support their local ministries.

• How will PWRDF benefit from the GIFT campaign?
Funds raised through the GIFT campaign will be set aside for PWRDF. Each year PWRDF supports people affected by natural disasters around the world. GIFT funds will be immediately dispersed to the PWRDF so that disaster relief efforts on the ground can be undertaken and quickly aid the vulnerable in the most critical time of a disaster - the beginning

• Will my pledge offering remain confidential?
Yes! Strict controls are in place to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

• What if my circumstances change and I am unable to fulfill my GIFT pledge?
Your GIFT pledge is made in good faith and is entirely voluntary. If your circumstances change, you may alter your pledge by simply notifying the GIFT office.

• To whom should payments be made payable?
All payments should be made payable to "Growing in Faith Together" or simply "GIFT." The Synod office will manage all gift transactions and will mail your charitable gift receipt. Receipts will be mailed at the end of each calendar year for all amounts received during the year.
• How can I make my gift?
There are four easy ways to make your gift:
  1. Cheques and cash
  2. Credit card and electronic payments through our secure donation feature.
  3. Pre-authorized payments through your bank or financial institution (See the GIFT pledge card for details.)
  4. Automatic payroll deduction (Your employer may offer this option.)

• Are pledges and one-time gifts the only kinds of gifts accepted by GIFT?
While cash gifts and pledges are most common, gifts of securities or publicly traded stocks are also welcome. If this is your preference, please contact Ms. Jane Scanlon, Diocesan Stewardship and Development Officer, at 613-232-7124, ext. 225.
• Can I make a "Planned Gift" to GIFT?
Yes. On the GIFT card you can itemize a gift in your will or other bequest. One hundred percent of bequest amounts will be credited to the campaign if a donor is 70 years of age or older. Life Insurance policies are also accepted if they have a cash value or if the parish, diocese or Anglican Church of Canada is the owner of the policy and premiums are paid by the parishioner. Please contact Ms. Jane Scanlon, Diocesan Stewardship and Development Officer, at 613-232-7124, ext. 225 for more information.

• Who can we contact to obtain more campaign information?
We have set up a GIFT office and additional information is available from any one of your GIFT leaders. Please contact Ms. Jane Scanlon, Diocesan Stewardship and Development Officer at 613-232-7124, ext. 225 for more information.
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