Feasibility Study Results

Planning Feasibility Study Final Report The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa June 2010 We are pleased to present this Planning Feasibility Study Final Report to the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa outlining the details of M & M International's findings and recommendations for a proposed financial campaign. The purpose of the Study was to test the ability of the diocese to raise $30,000,000 through a financial campaign. By means of a series of personal face-to-face meetings, open forums and online surveys, M & M International personnel set out to refine the Case for Support as well as gauging the ability of the diocese to provide funds for the Case and to attract leadership and volunteers for a campaign.

This report outlines the Planning Feasibility Study findings. It begins by illustrating the Study process, thereby highlighting and identifying the key components, which were critical to the process. The second part contains an in-depth analysis of the findings and observations. Following this is a detailed evaluation of the essential elements of a campaign as they pertain to the Diocese of Ottawa. Lastly, we present our recommendations to be considered by the Diocese prior to launching a fundraising initiative.

Planning Feasibility Study Final Report, June 2010

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