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  • GIFT: a turning point in our stewardship journey
    Page 4
    by Jane Scanlon
    Sumer 2013 issue

  • GIFT funds at work in our diocese
    (page 4)
    by Monica Patten
    April 2013 issue

  • GIFT Mentors are ready to go...
    (page 4)
    by Monica Patten
    March 2013 issue

  • Reflections on GIFT Conversations and the
    Art and Science of Visiting

    (page 4)
    by Jane Scanlon
    February 2013 issue

  • Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) surpasses $11 million in cash and pledges by the New Year!
    (page 4)
    by Jane Scanlon
    January 2013 issue

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