"Young people today are looking for a soul-shaking, heart-waking, world-changing God to fall in love with and if they don't find it in church, they will settle for lesser gods elsewhere. In short, they are seeking what we all are seeking, unless, as adults, we have forgotten or given up!"
Kenda Creasy Dean
Youth Ministry Scholar

A New Ministry for Changing Times

Parish Life Missioners will be employed in the diocese and assigned to parishes to:

  • Provide Interim Ministry
  • Offer Small Church Coaching
  • Assist Parishes Through Times of Crisis
  • Facilitate Strategic Thinking, Visioning, and Planning

How will you notice the difference?

  • Vibrant Parish Youth Ministries
  • More Inter-Parish Cooperation
  • Diocese-Wide Events
  • Leader Training
  • Regional Ministry Networks
  • Mission Trips

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Strengthening Congregations



Our congregations are the heartbeat of our life together in this changing world. Our mission to strengthen congregations is two-fold:
• to ensure the vibrancy of our parishes
• to focus on children and youth

Parish Vitality

Dynamic ParishAre you a member of a potential rural "final generation" church, or are you in an urban parish struggling to engage young adults? The Parish Growth and Renewal Committee (PGRC) currently addresses these and other challenges when invited into parishes, but funding for this work will run out in 2012.

Our plan is to employ individuals known as Parish Life Missioners who will be accountable to the Bishop, work with the PGRC, and be sent to work with parishes. Without this significant investment, many parishes will languish in isolation in the face of decline and uncertainty. New funding will ensure we grow together, strengthening congregations and setting a course for a faithful and effective future.

Children and Youth

YouthThere is no higher priority than ensuring that our young people grow together in a faith that will sustain them throughout their lives. We get excited when young people come together to celebrate their faith, whether it's seventy gathering for an evening of worship, pizza and creative expression, or one hundred and fifty gathering for an open-mike night in aid of a mission trip to Nicaragua.

This funding will ensure that our diocesan youth worker's position remains full-time beyond 2012. New money will enable us to train leaders from across the diocese and increase support for ministry amongst youth and children. The possibilities are endless - strengthening our congregations more than we can ask or imagine.

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